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iPad Kiosks

Apple’s iPad tablets feature high-resolution Retina displays, a smooth and responsive touch interface, and features like Guided Access that make it easy to lock the device into a single app for kiosk use.

Choosing iPad for your tablet kiosk project

Apple products have a well-deserved reputation for quality and performance, and the iPad tablet and iPadOS operating system are no different.

Many people are already familiar with the interface and stability of iOS thanks to the iPhone, which makes an iPad the tablet of choice where ease-of-use is a requirement.

iPads can be purchased pre-loaded with software and already enrolled in the Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution of your choice directly from Apple, simplifying deployment. New generations of iPads generally follow a similar physical form factor, making the sourcing of replacement devices easier.

Since kiosk software is distributed through the App Store, it is available as a perpetual license per device and is often less expensive than Windows and Android applications that come with recurring support fees or subscription licensing. In addition, software on the App Store has been reviewed by Apple to meet their guidelines for usability, privacy, and security.

Offer a sign up form inside a locked down kiosk.

How to set up iPad in kiosk mode

For any iPad kiosk project, we strongly recommend locking your iPad down to prevent visitors from leaving your software. Using either option described below will disable touch gestures and the physical iPad buttons.

Guided Access is great for small projects


  • Can enable/disable at the device
  • Easy to set up


  • Resets if iPad battery dies
  • Shows message if physical button is pressed
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Single App Mode is helpful for larger deployments


  • Launches iPad directly into app
  • Maintains lock if iPad battery dies


  • Requires third-party software
  • Longer setup time
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Using Guided Access to lock down your iPad

Manually lock your device to a single app using Guided Access.

Guided Access disables the Home button and multitasking gestures that could allow visitors to exit the app.

To enable Guided Access on your device:

  1. Open the iPad Settings.
  2. Go to Accessibility > Guided Access.
  3. Toggle Guided Access = On.

You can set a Guided Access passcode in these settings or when you start Guided Access for the first time.

To start Guided Access:

  1. Open the app you want to lock the iPad to.
  2. Triple-click the iPad Home button. For iPads without a physical Home button, triple-click the power button.
  3. Enter a passcode for Guided Access if prompted.
  4. Tap "Start" in the top right corner.

Guided Access can be exited by triple-clicking the Home button (or power button if your iPad does not have a Home button) and entering the passcode.