iPad & Tablet Kiosks for Museums & Exhibits

iPad & Tablet Kiosks for Museums & Exhibits

Create an engaging and educational experience for visitors with our compact, durable and customizable kiosk solutions for ticketing, exhibits, and membership donations.

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Create an engaging and educational experience for visitors with our compact, durable and customizable kiosk solutions for ticketing, exhibits, and membership donations.

Offer a sign up form inside a locked down kiosk.

Embracing self-service technology can help museums and galleries engage visitors by providing new experiences.

Interactive kiosk stations in an exhibit or other museum space can allow visitors to explore multimedia content and access more information, online resources, or collections that are not currently on display.

Tablet-based kiosk solutions can also streamline regular operations, including ticket sales, membership registration, and donations, leaving staff more time to focus on visitors.

With over thirty years of experience designing and building kiosks, we know what works in museums, galleries & other exhibit spaces.

Our modular kiosk solutions are designed to be configurable, durable, and easy to use. Our in-house custom branding and signage drives foot traffic to your kiosks and ensures that they leave the right impression.

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Surround your tablet in branding to encourage visitors to use your kiosk. Provide an easy way for visitors to swipe their card for payments. Add a Backdrop panel to inform kiosk visitors. Improve accessibility by adding headphones to your kiosk. We offer custom powdercoating in any color.

A perfect fit for museum and exhibit kiosk projects

Bring your visitor experience to the next level
with these common use cases for tablet kiosks in museums


Streamline ticket sales for general entry, timed entry, or specific events and performances with self-service ticketing kiosks.

Interactive Elements

Add interactive experiences to your exhibit to promote visitor engagement and education.

Audio & Video Playback

Present audio & video components as a part of your exhibit space, allowing visitors to experience these first-hand at their own pace.

Extended Collections

Allow visitors to access parts of your collection not currently on display due to space or other environmental factors.

Social Media

Encourage visitors to connect to social media to share their experiences and spread the word about your current programs and exhibits.

Donations & Volunteer Opportunities

Simplify fundraising efforts by allowing visitors to swipe a card to donate. Promote volunteer opportunities within your organization and allow potential volunteers to sign up or check in directly through your kiosk.

Meet Kiosk Pro

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Many of the use cases outlined above can be implemented using existing web-based applications and content, including museum websites and social media content.

With easy-to-configure settings and options for remote updates and management, Kiosk Pro is a powerful tool for creating and managing iPad kiosks in the field.

Low-rise information kiosk for use at a museum.

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Invested in your project’s success

No two kiosk projects are the same, so in addition to our standard product offerings, we also offer a range of optional development and support services, including:

  • pre-sale project consulting
  • expertise in ADA compliance
  • custom hardware design
  • prototyping with in-house metal and plastic fabrication
  • graphic design & printing services
  • custom software development
  • partner relationships with a number of third-party software vendors
  • dedicated client success & project management
  • assembly & integration
  • delivery & scheduling support with a variety of shipping options
  • on-site installation, maintenance & repair
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