iPad & Tablet Kiosks for Local, State & Federal Government

iPad & Tablet Kiosks for Local, State & Federal Government

Streamline a variety of service functions, eliminating long waits, offering the ability to process transactions quickly and efficiently, and reducing staff backlogs and overhead.

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Streamline a variety of service functions, eliminating long waits, offering the ability to process transactions quickly and efficiently, and reducing staff backlogs and overhead.

Offer a sign up form inside a locked down kiosk.

With increasing challenges faced by government entities including budget cuts, hiring freezes and outdated systems, implementing self-service kiosks can provide constituents with convenient access to services while reducing costs.

Handling bill payment, license registration, line queues, check-in and service information through interactive kiosks enhances customer service and frees staff to focus on more important tasks.

Fully customizable branding and signage attract visitors, while our ADA-compliant designs encourage accessibility. Self-service interfaces with support for multiple languages make services accessible to a wider audience than a location might otherwise be able to support.

At Kiosk Group, we understand that there are tough requirements for self-service solutions in the public sector, which is why we offer the highest-quality tablet kiosk hardware and software. Our kiosks are built entirely in the US and include a best-in-class five year warranty.

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A Large Graphic Panel attracts visitors from a distance. Add a Bezel graphic to inform visitors. Cover the front of the Standalone kiosk in your branding. Provide a keyboard for accessible typing. A Bezel graphic attracts visitors to interact with the kiosk.

A perfect fit for government kiosk projects

Make life easier for your visitors and staff
with self-service tablet kiosks

Security Check-in & Visitor Management

Set up tablet kiosks so visitors and employees can check in when they arrive at government facilities to ensure a secure environment. Check-in kiosks can track who should be seen next, notify relevant staff members automatically, and help manage wait times.

Registration Kiosks

Simplify registering for government services with self-service kiosks, allowing visitors to complete and submit digital forms in person with support for multiple languages.

Document Scanning Kiosks

Make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle by allowing visitors to scan, send, and submit required documents to a paperless and efficient management backend.

Self-Service License Renewals

Streamline license renewals and other routine administrative tasks with a kiosk to decrease wait times and increase customer satisfaction in DMV, MVA, state or local government offices.

Self-Service Wayfinding & Maps

Large government buildings can be often difficult for visitors to navigate. Tablet kiosks can be used as interactive directories, allowing visitors to look up the location of specific offices or access maps and directions.

Room Scheduling Kiosks

Maximize the use of shared spaces (like conference rooms and public spaces) using tablet kiosks. Easily see which areas are currently reserved or occupied and schedule future reservations directly at the kiosk.

On-Premise Access to Online Services & Digital Assets

Offer access to existing online services and digital assets to promote awareness of your department’s scope and mission, upcoming events, or services you provide. Learn more about Kiosk Pro, our secure web browser designed for public use.

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A Low Rise kiosk sitting on a table with a message inviting visitors to touch the screen.

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No two kiosk projects are the same, so in addition to our standard product offerings, we also offer a range of optional development and support services, including:

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