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Your business is adapting to a rapidly changing world, and your kiosk investment should too. That’s why Kiosk Group Modular Solutions™ are designed to easily adjust to your evolving needs.

We prioritize quality and affordability through durable hardware, uncomplicated software, and customizable designs for small businesses and major systems alike.

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Versatile kiosks to streamline everyday tasks

Hardware solutions for kiosk projects should never be treated as “one size fits all”.

From supporting a specific add-on device to branding with your logo and colors, our tablet kiosks are designed with a modular approach that allows us to easily customize our solutions to meet your toughest project requirements.

We manufacture all our kiosks here in the US and are based out of a 23,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Frederick, Maryland.

Manufacturing locally ensures we're able to meet our own high standards for quality while offering some of the shortest turn-around times in the industry.

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A barista standing next to an ordering kiosk with an integrated Square card reader.
An iPad displaying a start screen to watch a film about jellyfish.

Kiosk Pro turns your iPad into a public kiosk

Kiosk Pro is a flexible kiosk software solution for any use case that makes an iPad available to visitors.

Designed for iOS & iPadOS devices, Kiosk Pro allows you to showcase your website or content as a full screen kiosk, while managing and updating your kiosks remotely.

When we created the first iPad kiosks on the market back in 2010, we realized that there was a need for iPad kiosk software that would allow users to display their content quickly and easily.

That need inspired us to create the Kiosk Pro series of apps, which quickly became, and remains, the best-selling kiosk software on the App Store.

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5 star rating

"Kiosk Pro is a great product, and the team behind it provides great customer support."

- FOH Sound on the App Store

5 star rating

"Packed with useful features and great stability."

- Adamspicar on the App Store

A printer kiosk with branded signage to make it clear that visitors and employees must check in before entering.

Self-service health screening

Allowing access to facilities through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic brings a unique set of challenges for businesses and organizations, starting with how to keep employees and visitors safe.

CheckPoint Kiosk allows you to easily screen visitors and/or staff with a simple set of health screening questions based on current CDC guidelines.

Screening is available in English and Spanish and, in most instances, takes less than a minute to complete. No identifying information is requested or stored during the screening process.

If screening is passed successfully, a date-stamped badge is printed for easy verification within your facility.

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