iPad & Tablet Kiosks for Nonprofits & Churches

iPad & Tablet Kiosks for Nonprofits & Churches

Speed up member sign-ins and tracking, increase donations, and provide event and other information through attractive, durable and affordable self-service kiosks.

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Speed up member sign-ins and tracking, increase donations, and provide event and other information through attractive, durable and affordable self-service kiosks.

Offer a sign up form inside a locked down kiosk.

Churches and other nonprofits often struggle with ongoing processes like fundraising, member and visitor check-ins, and event management, which are frequently staffed by volunteers with varying skill sets and experience.

Self-service kiosks can alleviate these causes of stress and worry by providing access to a variety of functions and services using the latest technology.

Interactive kiosk stations can allow visitors to sign up to volunteer or donate, promote upcoming events, or provide more information about your mission and services.

At Kiosk Group, we offer a selection of modular kiosk solutions designed to be configurable, durable, and easy to use. Our in-house custom signage options drive foot traffic to your kiosks and ensure that they reflect your organization’s image and branding.

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We offer custom powder coating in any color. Provide a stylus for accessible signature capturing. Add a Backdrop panel to inform kiosk visitors. Provide an easy way for visitors to swipe their card for payments. Cover your kiosk in your own branding.

A perfect fit for non-profit self-service projects

Make life easier for your members & staff

Donation Kiosks

Simplify giving and other nonprofit & church fundraising efforts by allowing visitors to swipe a card to donate directly at your kiosks.

Self-Service Event Planning

Make it easy for visitors to learn about upcoming events with tablet kiosks. Streamline registration for events, allowing visitors to complete and submit digital forms in person.

Event Ticketing

Streamline ticket sales for large-scale events or performances with self-service ticketing kiosks.

Child Care Check-in Kiosks

Set up tablet kiosks so visitors and volunteers families can check in when they arrive. Check-in kiosks can enable scanning for quick drop off, print name tags or id bracelets, and help you ensure that each child is picked up by an approved parent or guardian.

Volunteer Management Kiosks

Promote volunteer opportunities within your organization and allow potential volunteers to sign up or check in directly through your kiosk.

Information Kiosks

Educate the public about your goals and mission. Provide access to online resources including information about services provided and ways to get involved.

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Many of the use cases outlined above can be implemented using existing web-based applications and content, including organization websites, online surveys, or mailing list forms.

With easy-to-configure settings and options for remote updates and management, Kiosk Pro is a powerful tool for creating and managing iPad kiosks in the field.

Low-rise information kiosk for use at a tradeshow.

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No two kiosk projects are the same, so in addition to our standard product offerings, we also offer a range of optional development and support services, including:

  • pre-sale project consulting
  • expertise in ADA compliance
  • custom hardware design
  • prototyping with in-house metal and plastic fabrication
  • graphic design & printing services
  • custom software development
  • partner relationships with a number of third-party software vendors
  • dedicated client success & project management
  • assembly & integration
  • delivery & scheduling support with a variety of shipping options
  • on-site installation, maintenance & repair
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