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Process & Capabilities

Our Process & Capabilities

From custom branding to a new physical form factor or accessory, customization can make all the difference in the success of a project.

We help at every step - from translating your initial vision into a working prototype right through to final delivery.

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A kiosk enclosure for ordering food that includes a Square card reader.


A custom kiosk starts with your idea. We’ll discuss your target audience, necessary functionality, life cycle, consumer-facing issues and other project needs to determine what type of kiosk is right for you.


After your needs are defined, our experienced design engineering team will work through multiple options to find the best approach. Throughout the design phase, we’ll send detailed drawings and specs, keeping you involved at every step.


Once you’ve approved the design, our fabrication dream team will quickly create prototype(s) to begin testing. We’ll make sure everything is correct and ensure that the final solution meets both your needs and our standards.

Finished Kiosk

Once the design and prototype phases are complete, we’ll move into production, ramping up capacity as needed to make sure your custom tablet kiosks ship on schedule (and on budget).

Project Consulting & Engineering

Requirement Gathering

If you’re unsure about what you need for your project, we’re happy to discuss your specific requirements and help you get on the right track.

Technical Research

Taking requirement gathering to the next level, our technical research team can explore alternate solutions for a project, potentially saving you time and money.

CAD/CAM Engineering

Our team can produce detailed CAD/CAM drawings and renderings to ensure our proposed solution matches your vision.

An example of a kiosk CAD drawing.

Plastic Fabrication & Finishing

CNC Machining

With 4 computer-aided CNC cutting machines in-house, including a state-of-the-art Onsrud for large scale work, we can cut a variety of sheet materials, including PVC, thermoplastics and foam core, with speed and precision.

Inlay Work & Engraving

Using an engraving router, we can incorporate your logo, graphic assets or identifier (like a serial number) directly into a head enclosure for a clean, professional look.


From custom textures to perfectly rounded edges, our team creates end products that are a pleasure to hold and touch.

Our CNC machine cutting out tablet enclosures.

Metal Fabrication & Powdercoating

Metal Fabrication

Our team’s experience in metal fabrication means professional results and a quick turnaround time on custom brackets and other formed pieces. In addition to our CNC machines and other specialized cutting tools, we have production areas dedicated to bending, welding, and finishing.


Powdercoating forms a durable background finish for the metal surface of the body and base of the kiosk enclosures. Our facilities include a dedicated powder coat application booth and walk-in powder coat oven.

A stack of metal plates used for kiosk brackets.

Graphic Design & Printing

Graphic Design

Our team of graphic designers can help you translate your ideas for branding into attractive, professional signage. If you are working with another designer, we’ll create proofs to make sure the end product meets expectations.

UV Printing

Durable, UV-cured, full color CMYK printing directly on non-porous surfaces, including metal and plastics. Océ VariaDot imaging technology uses variable-sized droplets to deliver fine details and smooth gradients in highlight areas, crisp colors in mid-tone areas, and incredible density in shadows and areas of solid color. Pantone spot matching available.

Vinyl Printing and Wraps

Full color CMYK printing on vinyl, finished with satin laminate, and applied by our team. Eco-Sol MAX 2 eco-solvent inks produce rich, vibrant color and provide unmatched long-term durability, scratch and chemical resistance.

Our Canon printer displaying a finished graphic panel.

Integration, Assembly & Shipping

Hardware Assembly & Integration

Although our kiosks are easy to assemble and install, we offer the option of full assembly prior to shipping, with tablet, any branding, peripherals, and/or cabling already integrated.

Software Installation

For Windows projects, we can provide software installation and testing prior to shipping. For iOS projects, we can provide consulting on how to enroll tablets in Apple’s Device Enrollment Program and MDM for automatic setup out of the box.

Specialty Shipping Options

Stacked pallet and other freight options are available for large volume deployments. International shipping is available for any order, regardless of size.

Multi-Location Planning

Our team will work with you to create a shipping plan for any multi-location deployment, ensuring that your kiosks arrive on schedule in each location.

Onsite Assistance

Technicians can offer site assessments, access point installation, kiosk installation and any other required service at your kiosk’s location.

A large deployment of Countertop kiosks with Bezel graphics.

Expertise in ADA Compliance

Height & Reach Requirements

We ensure that your kiosks meet current standards for ADA compliance, including the latest height and reach guidelines.

Braille Insertion

We can make your kiosks and digital signage accessible to visitors with visual impairments by adding braille directly to the faceplate. Each character is made up of up to six UV-stable, black acrylic spheres permanently embedded into the bezel surrounding the tablet.

Audio Access

For projects that include an interactive component, braille can be used to instruct visitors how to access an audio-friendly version of the interface. Audio jack access for visitors providing their own headset or earbuds can be built into the faceplate of the enclosure and wired directly to your tablet.

A closeup of a tablet enclosure with braille engraving.

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