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Supported Peripherals & APIs

Supported Peripherals & APIs

From communicating with kiosk peripherals like thermal printers and card readers to accessing the iPad’s cameras to take photos or scan a barcode, the API provides an easy-to-implement set of JavaScript calls you can use in your code.

An iPad displaying an email sign up form in front of a computer displaying JavaScript code.

Access device information

Our Access APIs allow you to access information about the current state of each kiosk device and to access the Unique iPad ID set in Kiosk Pro settings.

An iPad displaying a unique identifier.
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Check if Kiosk Pro’s JavaScript API is available to be called Details
Check the device’s current orientation Details
Access the Unique iPad ID or Group IDs set in Kiosk Pro settings Details
Check which app version and version number of Kiosk Pro is currently running Details

Capture data & photos/videos

Our Capture APIs allow you to save form data, screen capture images, or capture photos/videos with the nativa camera, then store the result locally on the device in the Kiosk Pro documents folder.

An iPad displaying a newsletter sign-up screen.
Related JavaScript API Calls Basic Plus Enterprise
Save form data locally to the device Details
Capture visitor signatures or drawings Details
Capture full screenshots Details
Use iPad camera to take photos and/or video Details
Camera can be triggered by visitor or through an automatic countdown Details
Select whether to use the front or the rear camera by default Details
Connect to other apps using our Zapier integration Details

External screens

You can connect Kiosk Pro to an external monitor wirelessly using AirPlay over WiFi to an Apple TV or through a wired connection using one of Apple's Digital AV Adapters that connect directly via HDMI cable.

All versions of the app support native iOS & iPadOS screen mirroring, but the 4:3 aspect ratio of the iPad prevents the content being mirrored on the external screen from being shown full screen. Black bars will be shown on the sides (and, depending on the monitor used, possibly on the top and bottom) of the external display to fill the remaining space.

Kiosk Pro Enterprise includes JavaScript API calls that allow you to send content full-screen to a connected external display. This lets you show different content on each screen. For example, you can use the iPad as a menu/controller and the connected external monitor as the display.

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A standing kiosk enclosing both an iPad and a separate monitor. The iPad displays a selection menu while a video plays on the separate display.
Related JavaScript API Calls Basic Plus Enterprise
Send content full-screen to an external display through Apple’s Digital AV Adapter or over AirPlay to a connected AppleTV Details
Play and/or loop video files Details
Display image files, .pdf & .html pages Details
Switch as needed between full-screen & native mirroring Details
Can be used in combination with the standard 'Screensaver’ feature Details
Send separate audio tracks through external display speakers Details
Change volume of external screen and/or speakers Details


Kiosk Pro Basic, Plus, and Enterprise can connect and print to any AirPrint-enabled printer.

Enterprise adds the ability to print to an AirPrint printer in Automatic Kiosk Mode, allowing you to preselect the printer to be used and number of copies to print, to block printing on specific pages, and to hide the standard iOS/iPadOS print dialog.

Kiosk Pro Enterprise also supports a number of thermal kiosk printers from Star Micronics and Custom America, including:

  • TSP650BTi (connects via Bluetooth)
  • TSP700ii (connects via standard Ethernet cabling to a wireless router)
  • TSP800ii (connects via standard Ethernet cabling to a wireless router)
  • TSP143U
  • mPOP
  • mC-Print2
  • mC-Print3
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A standing kiosk with a printer slot for receipts. The iPad screen displays a 'Printing...' status message.
Related JavaScript API Calls Basic Plus Enterprise
Print to an AirPrint enabled printer using JavaScript Details
Print to a Star Micronics thermal printer Details
Open and check current status of a cash drawer connected through a Star Micronics printer Details
Print to a Custom America thermal printer Details

Card readers

Kiosk Pro Enterprise supports several magnetic stripe card readers to allow capturing payments, including:

  • IDTech's Shuttle and UniMag II, both of which connect to the device's audio jack.
  • IDTech's iMag Pro with 30-pin connector (for early iPads) and iMag Pro II with Lightning connector (for newer iPads).
  • MagTek iDynamo, which is available with 30-pin connector or Lightning connector.
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An iPad connected to a Shuttle card reader. The screen displays a selection for credit card or gift card.
Related JavaScript API Calls Basic Plus Enterprise
Return card swipe data from an IDTech Shuttle or UniMag II audio jack card reader Details
Return card swipe data from an IDTech iMag Pro (30-pin) or iMag Pro II (Lightning connector) card reader Details
Return card swipe data from an MagTek iDynamo card reader Details
Use MercuryPay to process secure, end-to-end encrypted credit card transactions (US only) Details

Barcode & QR Code Scanners

Kiosk Pro Enterprise includes APIs for barcode and QR code scanning from a variety of sources, including Aila scanners, the device’s native cameras, and, in certain situations, Bluetooth-connected scanners.

Depending on the scanning option you choose, the following types of codes can be supported:

  • QR
  • Code 128
  • Code 39
  • Interleaved 2 of 5
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An iPad showing the native camera interface which is scanning a QR code from an ID badge.
Related JavaScript API Calls Basic Plus Enterprise
Use iPad camera to scan UPC barcodes & QR codes Details
Select whether to use the front or the rear camera by default for scanning Details
Scan barcodes & QR codes from an Aila scanner Details
Scan barcodes & QR codes from a Socket Mobile scanner Details
Scan barcodes & QR codes from a Bluetooth barcode scanner Details


Our Trigger APIs allow you to trigger specific kiosk functions and manage locally stored content through custom JavaScript calls.

Related JavaScript API Calls Basic Plus Enterprise
Pause &/or trigger Kiosk Pro’s idle timer Details
Clear the cache & cookies Details
Check the status of Dropbox sync Details
Manage local files Details
Manage a user session in the Remote Management Server Details
Form submission when using autofill of username & password Details
Delay refresh of the homepage when a remote content or settings update occurs. Details

Geolocation & iBeacons

Our Locate APIs allow you to pull geolocation data from the device and add iBeacon support, allowing you to create contextual, location-specific experiences for visitors.

Related JavaScript API Calls Basic Plus Enterprise
Access the location coordinates of your device Details
Display a specific piece of content based on proximity to an iBeacon Details
Advertise as an iBeacon Details

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