Custom Development for Kiosk Pro

Custom Development

Our team of developers can create customized content for your Kiosk Pro project. We’ll communicate with you about the creation process from start to finish to make sure the final product is exactly what you need.

An iPad displaying a video menu. A display behind the iPad shows a video playing.

Offline Form

Provide a form to save visitor data locally on the device. For tradeshows or kiosks in areas with poor internet connections, an offline form can allow you to collect visitor information without worrying about your connection.

Fields can require specific information and trigger an error if those conditions have not been met. Data is saved to a CSV spreadsheet file that can be manually pulled off the device or optionally synced via Dropbox when the device comes online.

An iPad displaying a newsletter sign-up form.

Video Gallery

Display a video menu for visitors to select from. Videos can play in full-screen and an optional button to return to the menu can be displayed.

Give visitors control over the video or limit interaction until the video has ended.

An iPad displaying a menu of video thumbnails.

Send Videos to an External Screen

Use your iPad as a controller to send videos to an external screen. For museums or areas with limited space, a larger number of visitors can view content even while one person is using the kiosk.

Use a visual indicator on the iPad so new users can see which video is playing.

An iPad displaying a video menu. A display behind the iPad shows a video playing.

Information Kiosk

Provide general information to visitors about your exhibit, product or services. Start with a menu for easy navigation, then offer more details as visitors navigate the content.

Add a photo slideshow and videos, or a contact form to capture visitor information.

An iPad displaying an information page about the Lincoln Memorial.

We'll make you look good

Our development team has created hundreds of interactive experiences for Kiosk Pro using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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