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Tablet Kiosk Accessories

Add-on devices (like printers, card readers, and scanners) and other accessories can extend the functionality of your kiosk.

Our modular approach to kiosk design means that if you don't see what you are looking for below, we can design a solution that fits your needs.

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An external battery pack with multiple USB ports.

Battery Backup

$169, requires compatible tablet

A barcode scanner attached underneath the tablet screen for easy scanning.

Datalogic Barcode Scanner

from $349, requires compatible tablet

A 3.5mm audio jack port attached to the tablet enclosure.

External Audio Jack Access

from $89, requires compatible tablet

A plastic ethernet adapter that lets you connect your iPad to hard-wired internet.

iPad Ethernet Adapter

from $158, requires compatible tablet

A keyboard tray attached underneath the tablet screen for easy data entry.

Keyboard Tray

from $249

A pair of modules for providing power and data over ethernet to the tablet kiosk.

Low Voltage PoE for Power and/or Data

from $139, requires compatible tablet

An audio handset for personal audio access.

SoundStik Audio Handsets

from $499, requires compatible tablet

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