Feature Comparison for Kiosk Pro

Feature Comparison


Kiosk Pro is a specialized web browser that makes it easy to present your content to the public, right on your iPad.

The app works best with web-friendly content, including HTML webpages, video and audio files, and PDFs.

A stylized main menu screen in an iPad.
Lite Basic Plus Enterprise
Set a homepage as a starting point for visitors
Optimized to display HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Play audio & video files
Supports HTML5 autoplay attribute for audio & video
Easily set up a screensaver loop of images &/or video
Sync a video screensaver to show simultaneously across multiple iPads
Render content using the iOS/iPadOS WKWebView browser engine
Run other iOS/iPadOS apps inside Kiosk Pro x x x x

Offline Access

Not every kiosk has access to a rock-solid WiFi or data connection.

Kiosk Pro allows you to store your content, including HTML pages, directly on the iPad for easy access while offline.

An iPad displaying content for a museum without an internet connection.
Lite Basic Plus Enterprise
Store & access content locally on the iPad
Switch to offline content if internet fails
Save data locally on the device (requires JavaScript API)

Content Refresh

It’s important to ensure that each visitor to your kiosks gets a fresh start.

Kiosk Pro handles that automatically for you, clearing information and passwords from previous visitors and refreshing your content.

An iPad displaying an alert for the idle timer refresh.
Lite Basic Plus Enterprise
Set an idle time limit
Pause the idle timer while video or audio is playing
Alert before triggering idle timer
Clear cache on homepage
Clear cookies & session storage on homepage
Retain cookies on specific domains while clearing all others
Clear local storage & databases on homepage
Set a browsing time limit


Decide what visitors are allowed to access through your kiosk to keep the focus on your content.

Kiosk Pro makes it easy to limit access to other sites, apps and the iPad Home screen.

An iPad showing that Twitter access has been blocked.
Lite Basic Plus Enterprise
Create a list of allowed domains
Set restricted domains
Allow embedded content
Display an alert when a request is blocked
Customize text for the blocked request alert
Limit access to the Home Screen with Guided Access
Limit access to the Home Screen with Single App Mode (requires supervision)
Start and end a Single App Mode session from within the app settings (requires supervision & MDM)
Set a separate passcode to exit an Autonomous Single App Mode session


There’s no reason your visitors have to know you aren’t using your own native iOS or iPadOS app.

Kiosk Pro allows you to hide on-screen clutter like status or address bars so your content can be front and center.

Two iPads comparing a presentation with display bars, and a full screen presentation.
Lite Basic Plus Enterprise
Removes 'Powered by Kiosk Pro' watermark
Toggle iPad status bar
Toggle address bar
Allow multiple tabs
Toggle navigation bar
Hide specific icons in navigation bar
Customize the navigation bar colors
Create up to six custom links in the navigation bar
Use your own custom graphics for the navigation bar
Supports landscape & portrait orientation
Lock to a specific orientation
Set page loading background color or image
Advanced PDF display options, including orientation & thumbnails
Set user agent string to display specific versions of your website
Insert your own custom CSS styling into a specific page or site to customize it for kiosk use


Visitors interact with Kiosk Pro through the device's native touch interface, but the default options for iOS or iPadOS don’t work for every project.

Kiosk Pro allows you to disable certain gestures or if you are using the app for non-interactive digital signage, to disable all touch to the screen.

An iPad showing the ability to zoom in on the page.
Lite Basic Plus Enterprise
Disable phone, email & copy/paste links
Disable native drag and drop
Toggle touch ability
Toggle zoom ability
Choose when app settings are shown
Passcode protect app settings
Allow text selection for accessibility
Enable loading progress indicator
Autofill username & password for specific URLs

Power Management

For situations where there’s not a power outlet nearby or projects where power use is a concern, Kiosk Pro allows you to control when your device is available for use.

The app can also dim the screen, conserving power for when it’s needed most.

iPads with displays turned on or off, depending on the scheduled time.
Lite Basic Plus Enterprise
Change screen brightness from within app settings
Create a schedule to automatically dim & wake the device
Dim brightness when device is idle
Toggle iOS/iPadOS auto-lock to allow the device to sleep

Audio Output & Volume

For projects with audio and video content, Kiosk Pro provides control over audio output and volume levels is key for a good user experience.

An iPad showing the ability to change the volume and toggle the connected headphones.
Lite Basic Plus Enterprise
Allow visitors to control volume using a slider in the navigation bar
Customize colors of volume slider components
Allow visitors to switch between iPad speakers and headphones/speakers connected to the audio jack
Preset default speaker and volume level when resetting to the homepage
Preset default speaker and volume level when showing screensaver


Kiosk Pro includes a unique ID and group IDs that can be used to identify a kiosk in the field, tag data, or customize content.

An iPad showing a unique identifier.
Lite Basic Plus Enterprise
Identify devices based on unique ID
Identify devices based on up to six group IDs
Access identifiers with JavaScript API
Use IDs as placeholders in other app settings
Apply settings remotely based on specific ID(s)
Push identifiers from MDM to app settings through Managed App Configuration

Remote Update

Kiosk Pro lets you manage app settings and content without needing to be in the same location as your kiosk. Host files on your server or sync with your Dropbox account.

An iPad showing an update indicator.
Lite Basic Plus Enterprise
Change app settings with a remote XML file
Export a settings XML file from a configured device
Deploy app settings across multiple kiosks
Remotely update local content on iPad
Sync with Dropbox account
Update app settings through an MDM using Managed App Configuration

Remote Monitoring

Need a little peace of mind? Kiosk Pro lets you keep track of your kiosk with email notifications when certain events occur.

For more complete monitoring, including heartbeats and visitor session analytics, you can pair Kiosk Pro with our subscription Remote Management Server.

An iPad highlighting that the battery is low and sending an email notification.
Lite Basic Plus Enterprise
Notification via email
Notification via Zapier webhook, which connects to 750+ apps, including Gmail, Slack, & SMS
Notify on power supply changes
Notify on battery level changes
Notify on successful remote update of settings
Notify on successful remote update of content
Notify when your iPad’s internet connection shifts between Cellular Data & WiFi to prevent expensive data plan overages
Device motion detection for theft prevention
Crash notifications, heartbeats, event logs, kiosk uptime & usage analytics via our Remote Management Server (subscription required)

Supported Peripherals & APIs

Kiosk Pro can integrate with a variety of peripherals like printers, card readers and barcode scanners.

We also offer APIs to give you more control over your presentation by using JavaScript calls in your code.

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An iPad showing a receipt printing status.

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