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Android Tablet Kiosks

Android tablets are a low-cost alternative to iPads and Windows tablets for kiosk use and provide an affordable platform for many self-service use cases.

Our rugged, high-quality enclosures and kiosk stands are designed to secure and protect a variety of Android tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, S7, and S6 Lite.

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Choosing Android for your kiosk project

The Android operating system allows for extensive customization, allowing a business or organization to create a kiosk experience unique to their brand.

Android tablets can often be purchased and deployed for kiosk use at a lower cost than iPads or Windows tablets, but can sometimes lack features that other operating systems support.

As an example, while iPads and Windows tablets support wired internet connections through an external Ethernet dongle, many consumer-grade Android devices lack driver support and thus are incompatible with this type of dongle. Commercial Android tablets designed specifically for kiosk use, such as those offered by CDS or Elo, often have native RJ-45 Ethernet ports that allow for wired internet, but generally come with a higher price tag.

For projects where this is not a factor, Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy line can be the basis of a cost-effective and flexible kiosk solution.

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