Hardware FAQ

Hardware FAQ


We’re glad you asked! We make the best tablet kiosks in the business by never making compromises when it comes to the materials we use to construct our enclosures.

The heads of our kiosk enclosures are made from thermoplastic, a plastic composite known for its durability and scratch-resistance. Thermoplastic is the same material used for firearm and knife holsters, truck cargo liners, and safety helmets. As a bonus, it’s naturally fingerprint-resistant!

Using thermoplastic means that our enclosure heads must be individually milled, creating a professional appearance and producing a more durable final product than the cheaper, injection-molded plastic heads used by most other iPad kiosk manufacturers.

The bases of our kiosks are shaped from cold rolled steel for a solid, stable design. Once formed, all steel surfaces are washed in an eco-friendly solution to remove any oils or other contaminants and are then powdercoated with special polyester-based paints to create a durable, rust-proof finish.

All of our tablet kiosks are manufactured and assembled in the United States, allowing us to work closely with our suppliers to ensure that our kiosks meet our high standards for quality.

The metal bases of our kiosks are made from 100% US steel and fabricated at our facility in Pennsylvania by highly-trained metalwork craftsmen.

Our head enclosures are made out of an extremely durable thermoplastic produced in Pennsylvania, which is then sent to our headquarters in Maryland for precision-milling and component assembly.

Downtown Frederick, Maryland houses our corporate office, innovation lab, production facility and warehouse.

The corporate office is the base for our sales, software development, and management teams. Our innovation lab provides space for our product design team to experiment, creating and testing prototypes for new products and custom kiosks.

Our on-site production facility is where we create all of our head enclosures, branding and signage. The final touches are put together in the warehouse where our technicians assemble and package our kiosk enclosures for shipping to your location.

While our kiosks are made in the USA, we're happy to ship anywhere in the world.

All of our kiosks secure your tablet in a non-breakable thermoplastic head protected with a keyed lock or security screws. There's also a lock for the back panel to keep visitors from being able to disassemble the kiosk or access any inner components you may be using.

The Standalone and Countertop are also weighted to have a low center of gravity, so knocking one over (or carrying one off) isn’t easy. In addition, most of our Standalone and Countertop models include hidden holes in the base for mounting to the floor or countertop.

If you need additional security, we also offer audible alarm systems and Kensington locks.

Meeting the ADA’s height and reach guidelines is just one of the many ways we're working toward making kiosks accessible to everyone. All our kiosks are compliant with the latest ADA guidelines.

During our design process, we test with physical prototypes to make sure our kiosks present your tablet at a height and angle that is comfortable for a variety of users.

We’ve also incorporated a number of assistive technologies including Braille engraving and audio access. If you have a specific need that’s not addressed here, please contact us.

All of our standard models are fairly easy to transport. Our Standalone model is the heaviest among them at approximately 46 pounds, but can still be lifted and carried short distances.

In addition, all of our kiosks can be disassembled to make transportation easier.

Most of our kiosk models have hidden holes in the base plate for bolting to a floor, countertop or wall. As the type of bolt used will vary depending on the surface you are mounting the kiosk on, these bolts are not included.

Our kiosks are designed for indoor use and are not weather-proof.

We do not currently offer rental services.

iPads & Tablets

Tablets are not included with any of our standard kiosk models on our website.

If you need to purchase a tablet with your enclosure, please get in touch for a quote.

Most of our head enclosures secure the tablet with a keyed lock, making it easy for a staff member to quickly access the tablet's buttons.

We also offer head enclosure customization if you need the tablet's Home button to be accessible, either for a finger-press or pinhole access.

Most of our kiosks have a head that can be attached either in landscape or portrait mode.

This attachment is not permanent so you can flip the head at any point if needed. We recommending setting a few minutes aside for this process as it does require partially disassembling the kiosk so that you can turn the head and re-assemble.

Certain graphic and/or accessory choices can also limit the head to a specific orientation, please contact us if you have questions about a specific configuration.

No, the tablet can be charged continually during use. By installing it in the kiosk with the USB charging cable connected, you can charge the device directly in the kiosk by connecting the charging cable to the AC adapter provided with your tablet.

Our Standalone and Countertop models include an additional 6 ft. power cord that you can easily run through the kiosk and out the bottom or back to plug into a standard AC wall outlet. If you need more length, a regular extension cord can be used.

The power cable runs down through the body of the kiosk to protect the device’s power supply.

For most standalone and countertop models, accessories can also be secured inside the kiosk body through a separate locking panel.

Cables can be run through the back of the panel or exit the bottom of the kiosk base or for a cord-free, polished appearance.

Graphics, Signage & Branding

If you’re submitting your own design for a branding option, please email it to and include your order number in the subject line. You can find all of our graphic and template guidelines here.

This depends on the branding option you choose. If you are planning to change out your branding regularly, graphic panels and backdrops are your best options as the graphics are printed on a separate PVC board, which can be easily replaced.

Bezel graphics are printed directly on the head enclosure. Since this is a permanent process, the head cannot be reprinted with new graphics, but it is possible to purchase a replacement head with a new graphic if needed.

Body Graphics are printed on vinyl, laminated and applied to the kiosk. If you want to replace a body graphic, we would recommend shipping just the part of your kiosk with the graphic back to us. We can then strip the vinyl and apply the new graphic. We are unable to ship just the vinyl as the application process requires experience to achieve a professional-looking result.

We print all signage and graphics in-house. With our professional team, large-format printers and industrial routing equipment, we can create just about any customization you can imagine.

By investing in the equipment and staff to create professional signage in-house, we’re able to guarantee both high quality and quick turn-around - often shipping in a fraction of the time it takes competitors!


Generally, unless otherwise noted in the product description, we can send out your order within 2-3 business days. 

This is dependent on inventory and the number of orders in our queue at the time your order is placed. If you have a time-sensitive project or need expedited shipping, we recommend contacting us directly to confirm availability and work out a specific timeline.

If your project includes custom branding options, additional time may be required. Once your graphics have been submitted, our design team will create a proof and send it to you for verification prior to printing. Delays in providing graphics or verification of the submitted proof can result in delays in printing and shipping.

Absolutely! At this time, due to the size and weight of most of our products, we're currently unable to provide accurate shipping estimates outside the United States through the website.

We want to make sure that you're not paying more than you need to. The international shipping quotes FedEx returns through its online system significantly overcharges for international customers. To make sure you're getting the best deal possible, international orders omit the shipping fee so that we can provide an accurate shipping charge as a separate checkout.

Orders outside the US can be processed through the site without shipping included. Once we receive your order, we'll create a custom cart for the actual shipping costs. If you would prefer a custom cart with shipping included, please contact us.

Returns, Warranty & Payments

Kiosk Group stands behind the quality of everything we sell and offer a 30-day, no hassle return policy to ensure that you’re happy with your new kiosk purchase. Full details are available in our Return Policy.

In addition to our no-hassle 30-day return policy, we offer a best-in-class, 5 year warranty on our kiosks, branding, and most accessories. Full details are available in our Warranty.

Kiosk Group, Inc. accepts purchase orders from corporate, educational, non-profit and government organizations within the US pending review and acceptance by our sales and finance departments. Submission of a separate credit form may be requested.

To submit your purchase order, please email

Purchase orders must include:

* a purchasing agent or other point of contact with relevant contact information, including email address, phone number and physical address

* products to be purchased with current pricing

* shipping address and preferred shipping method - if shipping costs are not outlined in the PO, shipping will be included in the final invoice.

* any delivery deadline for receipt of order

All purchase orders totaling over $5,000 require a 50% deposit at the time of order with the balance to be paid on a NET term basis.

Deposits, balance, and any additional shipping payments may be made via ACH, wire payment, check, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), or Paypal.

Businesses and organizations that require a tax exemption must submit a Tax Exemption Certificate with their purchase order.

Exceptions to this purchase order policy may be made on a case by case basis.

Yes. At checkout, you have the option of selecting 'Bank Transfer' and we will contact you with the details required to accept payment.

As this process takes longer than a credit payment to complete, we do not recommend selecting this option if you have a tight deadline.