iPad & Tablet Kiosks for Schools & Universities

iPad & Tablet Kiosks for Schools & Universities

Speed up long lines, reduce costs and increase student satisfaction with durable, attractive and affordable kiosk solutions.

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Speed up long lines, reduce costs and increase student satisfaction with durable, attractive and affordable kiosk solutions.

Offer a sign up form inside a locked down kiosk.

Daily school events such as late student and parent sign-ins, new student registration, cafeteria food ordering, and sign-ups for school programs can create bottlenecks and confusion for students as well as staff.

In postsecondary educational settings, self-service tablets can provide 24/7 availability for students accessing services, as well as burst capacity to reduce wait times and congestion during high-traffic events, including orientation, athletic events, and alumni/parent weekends.

Tablet kiosks handle routine requests quickly and efficiently, offloading everyday tasks like sign-in/sign-out, appointment scheduling, and queue management to take pressure off of staff members and reduce student stress and anxiety.

At Kiosk Group, we understand that there are tough requirements for self-service solutions in education, which is why we offer the highest-quality tablet kiosk hardware and software.

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We offer styluses for easy signature capture. Our Wall Mount kiosks can be mounted at an accessible height. We can cover your entire kiosk with graphics. Add a graphic panel to inform kiosk visitors. Our Backdrop panel makes your kiosk visible from anywhere in the room.

Kiosk hardware made for schools & universities

Make life easier for your students, staff and visitors
with these common use cases for self-service in education

Visitor Check-In Kiosks

Secure your facilities by using kiosks for visitor check-in and verification services, including optional background checks and/or photo record management.

Registration & Financial Aid

Streamline the registration process with tablet kiosks, allowing students to review course catalogs, register for classes, and fill out financial aid applications independently on site without staff assistance.

Student Services Check-In

Set up tablet kiosks at campus services so students can check in when they arrive. Check-in kiosks can be used in educational settings to track who should be seen next, notify relevant staff members automatically, and help manage wait times.

Event Ticketing

Streamline ticket sales for athletic games, performances, and other campus events with self-service ticketing kiosks.

Wayfinding & Tours

Tablet kiosks can be used to create an interactive directory in schools and universities, allowing visitors to access maps, directions, and additional information about your facilities. Supplement traditional admission tours, providing on-demand information when tour guides aren’t available.


Simplify fundraising efforts for your school or university by allowing donors to swipe a card at events or during a visit to the alumni center, rather than relying on expensive mailings with poor response rates after the fact.

Room Scheduling

Maximize the use of shared spaces (like practice studios or study rooms) using tablet kiosks. Easily see which spaces are currently reserved or occupied and schedule future reservations on location.

Retail & Merchandising

Expand the options available through your bookstore or gift shop by setting up a kiosk to allow visitors to search and purchase college apparel and gear or books through an e-commerce portal.

Accessing Online Services & Digital Assets

Offer access to existing online services and digital assets to promote school-sponsored clubs and organizations, upcoming events, or local restaurants and businesses.

Meet Kiosk Pro

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Many of the use cases outlined above can be implemented using existing web-based applications and content, including school websites and scheduling systems.

With easy-to-configure settings and options for remote updates and management, Kiosk Pro is a powerful tool for creating and managing iPad kiosks in the field.

Standalone kiosk used for donations at Texas A&M

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Invested in your project’s success

No two kiosk projects are the same, so in addition to our standard product offerings, we also offer a range of optional development and support services, including:

  • pre-sale project consulting
  • expertise in ADA compliance
  • custom hardware design
  • prototyping with in-house metal and plastic fabrication
  • graphic design & printing services
  • custom software development
  • partner relationships with a number of third-party software vendors
  • dedicated client success & project management
  • assembly & integration
  • delivery & scheduling support with a variety of shipping options
  • on-site installation, maintenance & repair
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