iPad & Tablet Kiosks for Manufacturing Facilities

iPad & Tablet Kiosks for Manufacturing Facilities

Kiosks provide easy access to information and services for employees and can streamline processes and reduce overhead costs.

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Kiosks provide easy access to information and services for employees and can streamline processes and reduce overhead costs.

Offer a sign up form inside a locked down kiosk.

Manufacturing companies are continually challenged with keeping products, skilled workers and regulatory requirements up to date.

Installing rugged and durable kiosks with a compact footprint can provide affordable access to training, benefits and other company services in multiple languages, reducing overhead and increasing employee morale.

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Use graphic panels to inform your visitors about what the kiosk is for. Increase security by adding an audible alarm to the kiosk. We offer printer cabinets for printing visitor badges. A directory kiosk allows visitors to navigate through your building. We can create a custom kiosk specific for your project.

A perfect fit for self-service projects in manufacturing facilities

Make life easier for your team
with these common use cases for self-service in manufacturing

Employee Training Kiosk

Present on-demand videos for training or allow employees to access online training portals to refresh job skills.

Feedback Survey Kiosk

Gather feedback using an interactive survey to find new opportunities for process improvement in manufacturing and employee satisfaction.

Visitor Check-In Kiosk

Set up tablet kiosks so visitors can check in when they arrive at your manufacturing facility. Check-in kiosks can notify the appropriate staff members automatically and help manage wait times.

Intranet & Human Resources Kiosk

Allow easy access to your company’s intranet and/or HR portal for employees that don’t have a dedicated computer workstation.

Timeclock Kiosk

Track employee hours accurately by allowing them to clock in & clock out on a conveniently located kiosk, while easily managing time off requests and overtime.

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Many of the use cases outlined above can be implemented using existing web-based applications and content, including company websites, human resource portals, and online surveys.

With easy-to-configure settings and options for remote updates and management, Kiosk Pro is a powerful tool for creating and managing iPad kiosks in the field.

Low-rise information kiosk for use at a store.

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No two kiosk projects are the same, so in addition to our standard product offerings, we also offer a range of optional development and support services, including:

  • pre-sale project consulting
  • expertise in ADA compliance
  • custom hardware design
  • prototyping with in-house metal and plastic fabrication
  • graphic design & printing services
  • custom software development
  • partner relationships with a number of third-party software vendors
  • dedicated client success & project management
  • assembly & integration
  • delivery & scheduling support with a variety of shipping options
  • on-site installation, maintenance & repair
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