What's New?

Kiosk Group debuted a new partnership with Dot Inc. at the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference 2024 in Anaheim, California last week.
Effective signage maximizes kiosk usage. A colorful call-to-action and a clear message can make all the difference in the success of your kiosk project.
The degree to which a self-serve kiosk positively impacts the profitability of a business involves evaluating revenue and operational costs over time against the initial cost of investment.
This week our focus is on how self-serve kiosks can positively impact the use of your most valuable resource…human capital.
Ushering in a new year often means personal resolutions involving self-improvement and better health. But what about your business?
Self-service kiosks can help facilitate minimizing or eliminating close contact with others while still providing necessary information and services.
Embracing technology can help museums and galleries provide new experiences and allow them to adapt to visitor needs.
The important role that grocery stores and other food retailers play as essential businesses has only been underscored during the coronavirus pandemic.
When lines were getting too long, causing customers to leave before ordering, the team at Wafels & Dinges realized they needed a solution.

Check out what can be accomplished when you apply expert design engineering to traditional desktop components. . .

In preparation for our newly designed website launch coming soon, we have updated our current logo along with a contemporary. . .

We’ve added support for Star Micronics' all-in-one mPOP to our Kiosk Pro Enterprise app for iOS. . .