How Branding & Signage Affect Visitor Engagement

We have dedicated our January posts to showing the ways self-serve kiosks can benefit your business.

Two weeks ago, we discussed how kiosks positively impact your employees and their work. Last week we showed how they can improve your bottom-line profitability.

This week our focus is on an often-overlooked aspect of self-serve kiosk deployment: branding and signage.

Why is signage important? An unnoticed kiosk means minimal use and minimal use impacts all of the benefits we focus on in this series in a negative way. For example, a lesser used kiosk reduces throughput, lowers revenue and ultimately ROI.

Effective signage maximizes kiosk usage. A colorful call-to-action and a clear message can make all the difference in the success of your kiosk project.

Signage makes kiosks stand out and can effectively direct and encourage action by your customers or visitors.

Branding is another important feature bringing your business to the forefront. Your logo featured on a kiosk can attract customers and when combined with a call-to-action can be tremendously effective.

At Kiosk Group, with the ability to create graphics and signage in-house, we make a point to encourage customers to use signage to maximize kiosk usage.

Our offerings include graphic and backdrop panels, body and bezel graphics and many color options.

Learn more about how Kiosk Group can help make your kiosks incredibly effective and unique with branding and signage by calling (301) 732-4629.

Examples of digital signage options for self-service kiosks

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