iPad & Tablet Kiosks for Hospitals & Doctor Offices

iPad & Tablet Kiosks for Hospitals & Doctors’ Offices

Attractive, durable and ADA-compliant self-service healthcare kiosks reduce patient wait time and anxiety as well as staff overload.

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Attractive, durable and ADA-compliant self-service healthcare kiosks reduce patient wait time and anxiety as well as staff overload.

Offer a sign up form inside a locked down kiosk.

Healthcare facilities continually struggle with providing the best patient experience while also balancing heavy staff workloads.

iPad and tablet kiosks support a variety of self-service use case in healthcare settings. Ours are built for durability, ADA compliance, and a compact footprint.

With options for branded colors, logos and signage, our tablet kiosks can help increase patient satisfaction while reducing overhead and labor costs.

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Add a graphic panel to your kiosk to inform visitors. We offer styluses to make capturing signatures easier. Surround your kiosk with branding. Accept a card swipe through your healthcare kiosk. We can create a custom kiosk just for your project.

A perfect fit for hospital and physician self-service

Make life easier for your patients, staff and visitors
with these common use cases for self-service in healthcare

Patient Check-In Kiosks

Streamline the check-in process with a tablet kiosk, allowing patients to sign in independently without staff assistance. The right solution can allow you to track arrival times, verify basic patient information, and notify relevant team members automatically.

Wayfinding & Information Kiosks

Healthcare facilities can be often daunting for a new visitor to navigate. Tablet kiosks can be used as interactive directories, allowing visitors to access maps, directions, and additional information about your facility on demand.

Health Screening Kiosks

Tablet kiosks can be used to offer preventative healthcare screenings in a wide variety of locations, during off-hours or when staff are otherwise unavailable.

Electronic Medical Record Kiosks

As the use of online portals allowing patients to view their electronic medical records expands so does the need to provide access to these portals at the point of care. Tablet kiosks can fill this gap, allowing patients secure access to online appointment schedules and test results.

Patient Satisfaction Kiosks

Get feedback from your patients to help you improve patient experience and care. Tablet kiosks allow visitors to share opinions about their healthcare experiences honestly and without pressure and can save results for easy reference.

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