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COVID-19 Non-Thermal Health Questionnaire Kiosk

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COVID-19 Non-Thermal Health Questionnaire Kiosk

Reopening during the COVID-19 ‘new normal’ brings a unique set of challenges for employers, starting with how to keep your employees and visitors safe.

The Center for Disease Control’s current guidelines recommend that employers should offer daily health screening checks before allowing entry into a facility.

CheckPoint Kiosk allows you to easily screen employees and visitors with a simple set of health screening questions. After screening, a date-stamped badge is printed for easy identification within your facility.

A printer kiosk with branded signage to make it clear that visitors and employees must check in before entering.

Screening Kiosk Includes

  • Roo or Roo Plus label printer kiosk
  • 10.2-inch iPad (2020) with CheckPoint software pre-installed & configured
  • Thermal label printer - options include:
    • Brother QL-820NWB
    • Bixolon SRP-S300TXOBIK
    • Star Micronics TSP743II (requires extended lead time of 6 to 8 weeks)
  • High-visibility signage with easy-to-understand instructions
  • Sanitizer pump bottle for hand sanitizer gel or liquid
  • Disposal bin for printed label backing
  • Roll of label stock
  • Power strip for standard power outlet
  • Set-up guide with instructions + hardware kit
  • Pallet, protective packaging & shipping within the continental US

How it Works

1 Quick Screening

Screening consists of a short series of questions based on CDC guidelines for eligibility to work, including questions about fever, symptoms, and possible exposure.

2 Print Badge

Anyone determined to be at low-risk for COVID-19 based on their responses receives a printed badge which must be worn at all times while in the facility. The badge includes the date & time in clear, large text that can be easily seen while maintaining adequate social distancing.

3 Next-Step Instructions

Anyone in a high-risk group is asked to leave the facility immediately and receives a printed set of instructions on what to do next.

An iPad displaying a question asking if the visitor has had a fever.

Easy to Use

Simple, on-screen instructions show new users exactly how to use the kiosk and what to expect.

The interface features large buttons for touch interaction and most screenings take less than a minute.

A refillable hand sanitizer pump is mounted to the side of the kiosk to allow users to easily sanitize after screening.

Worry-Free Installation & Maintenance

Software for CheckPoint Kiosk comes pre-installed. For on-site setup, your team will need to simply attach the base and graphic system to the kiosk and connect the tablet to power and WiFi.

Based on our popular Roo tablet printer kiosk, a design that’s been field-tested and approved, our screening kiosk includes a front hinge for easy access to the printer to refill labels.

The Roo printer kiosk opens on a hinge to allow easy access to the printer and interior components.
A person getting screened for temperature.

Streamlines Manual Temperature Monitoring

While there have been a number of ‘thermal monitoring’ kiosks released since the start of the pandemic, only the most expensive have the resolution and black body reference required to comply with FDA guidelines. These high-end solutions require major infrastructure investment and often require on-site staff to run.

Lower-cost units imported from Asia average temperatures from larger areas of the face and are often unable to accurately gauge temperature for individuals coming from warmer or colder outdoor environments.

In comparison, non-contact infrared temperature guns, which are seen frequently in medical settings, are inexpensive and accurate.

If your facility needs or wants to offer additional temperature screening, CheckPoint Kiosk can make sure that only individuals who have passed health screening are allowed to move on to a staffed station for non-contact infrared temperature screening. If temperature screening is passed, a colored stamp is applied to the badge, certifying it for use in the facility.

By handling the initial health screening as a separate socially-distanced step in the process, CheckPoint Kiosk limits the amount of time required in close proximity for a simple temperature check. This reduces any potential chance for exposure for both the person being screened and the staff member completing the screening.

Privacy First

US employment law tightly regulates how health data of employees is stored and managed. While emergency exceptions have been carved out during the current Coronavirus pandemic, these exceptions are not clearly defined and can expose a business to significant liability.

Designed around the idea of privacy first, our screening kiosk does not store any identifying data about those who have been screened. By providing physical proof that a visitor or employee has undergone screening, this solution avoids the privacy and security issues that affect many traditional check-in solutions.

A person's shirt with a printed badge. The badge includes the date and time in large, clear text.