Wired Thermal Printing for iOS

With the introduction earlier this year of the new TSP100U model, Star Micronics brings the possibility of wired thermal receipt printing to iOS devices, which had previously required the use of a wireless connection like Bluetooth and WiFi. We’ve moved forward with supporting this new printer both in terms of hardware and software.

The TSP100U connects to an iPad using a standard USB-Lightning cable that supplies power to the tablet and relays jobs directly to the printer. As a bonus, the printer is also less expensive than models supporting wireless connections.

“The TSP100U is a great solution for kiosks,” said Becca Rice, Director of Software Development. “The wired connection ensures reliability and uptime, which are so important for unattended use.”

On the hardware side, we’ve redesigned the printer case that works with our standalone kiosk models to accommodate the new form factor of the TSP100U, allowing you to easily protect the printer, its power supply and physical connection to the tablet from visitors.

On the software end of things, we added support for raster mode printing & the TSP100 in the recent 8.4 update of Kiosk Pro Enterprise, allowing your content to make calls to this printer through our JavaScript API.

An example of a Kiosk Pro printing screen along with a Star printer.

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