New CNC Machine

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New CNC Machine

As a part of our manufacturing expansion, we’ve invested in a new C.R.Onsrud large-format CNC machine, bringing us up to a total of five CNC machines for production.

The largest of our current CNC machines, the Onsrud features a 5' x 12' vacuum bed with a probe to measure all surfaces before cutting.

It uses a precise, high-speed spindle, allowing us to mill the thermoplastics used in our head enclosures more quickly at scale. The Onsrud’s direct drive, independent channel design enhances accuracy, ensuring that the narrow tolerances required for our heads are met.

“By allowing us to cut full 5’ by 10’ sheets in a single go, the new machine really speeds things up,” said Daniel Eddy, Director of Information Technologies.

Our Onsrud CNC machine.