New UV Printer

We’ve added a new large format Canon Océ Arizona UV flatbed printer to our print shop, allowing us to print artwork directly on a wide variety of surfaces and expand the graphics and branding options we offer for our kiosks.

The new printer features variable-dot printing that delivers near-photographic image quality, even at high print speeds. It has two high-intensity UV lamps right next to the ink-jet head, which cure the specially formulated ink immediately after it hits the media.

“I am completely blown away by the high-quality images our UV printer can produce on practically any substrate that can fit on our 4'x8' print bed. I'm constantly thinking to myself, ‘What else can we print on?’, said Melissa Reeves, Senior Graphics Technician.

The printer also provides full-bleed printing capability that eliminates the extra finishing steps of trimming prints for a clean, professional look.

In addition to colored inks, the printer is capable of printing white ink, which can be built up in multiple passes for texture effects. With this technique, it can create wood grains, raised text and even braille.

White ink also allows for printing on clear substrates, allowing us to do reverse images which can be viewed through a clear, glossy acrylic or to create lightbox-style graphics that can be backlit with the white ink providing a light-diffusing layer.

“We look forward to creating a masterpiece for all or our customers no matter how big or small a job. The sky's the limit for what we can do with this amazing machine,” said Dave Heckman, Print Shop Manager.

Our new UV printer.

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