Kiosk Braille Engraving

As part of our efforts to ensure our kiosks are accessible to visitors with visual impairments, we’ve added the option to add braille to any smooth faceplate or signage.

Each braille character is made up of up to six UV-stable, black acrylic spheres permanently embedded into the bezel surrounding the tablet. Prior to sphere insertion, holes are drilled out on a specialty engraving router, ensuring that each dot is placed correctly.

ADA Compliant Braille Engraving

Our braille engraving complies with all current federal ADA standards (ADAAG), building code standards (ANSI), as well as California Title 24 standards. These standards require rounded dots and specific size, height, spacing, and placement.

For projects that include an interactive component, braille can be used to instruct visitors how to access an audio-friendly version of the interface. Permanent external speakers, handsets, headphones, or audio jack access for visitors supplying their own headsets can be added, depending on the needs of the project.

"It's already a requirement to have braille on US government kiosks and we expect California and other progressive states to follow suit in the next few years,” said Mike James, company president. “We advise our customers to get started with braille and other assistive technologies now."

An example of braille.

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