Kiosk Pro Celebrates 250K Licenses Sold

Kiosk Pro, Kiosk Group’s popular series of iOS kiosk apps, passed a new milestone in early November: 250,000 licenses sold!

Since their introduction in 2010 alongside the first iPad, the Kiosk Pro series have become the bestselling kiosk apps for iOS, making it easy for tablet owners to configure their devices for use by visitors.

“We’ve enjoyed seeing how our apps can help a variety of users”, said Chris Grooms, Senior Project Manager. “Kiosk Pro has been used for everything from providing interactive museum exhibits to making check-in and other self-service systems.”

The series of apps have been in continuous development since, adding new functionality in response to customer demand. There are now four versions of the app to meet the needs of any iPad kiosk project:

  • Kiosk Pro Lite, which is free and perfect for smaller projects hosted online.
  • Kiosk Pro Basic, which includes additional features that make it easy to set up a larger deployment or projects hosted offline.
  • Kiosk Pro Plus, which adds support for advanced customization with powerful management features built right in.
  • Kiosk Pro Enterprise, which is designed for more complex projects that require peripherals (like a card reader, a thermal printer, or an external screen).

“We’ve been lucky to work directly alongside the hardware team here at Kiosk Group,” said Becca Rice, Director of Software Development. “The level of integration between our kiosk hardware and software is really unmatched. When a customer comes to us with a specific request, we’re able to present a complete solution.”

A sample menu interface displayed within Kiosk Pro.

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