Kiosk Pro Adds Support for Multiple Tabs

In our recent 9.0 update to Kiosk Pro, we’ve added support for multiple tabs to our Plus and Enterprise versions.

Designed to increase the flexibility of the apps, this update makes Kiosk Pro a solid option for use cases where multiple tabs or windows are required. These include login flows that open in a separate tab, which are frequently used in banking applications and other enterprise environments.

“We’ve had users requesting support for multiple tabs for years,” said Becca Rice, Director of Software Development. “As a kiosk app, we’ve always prioritized app stability. In the past, potential methods for adding support for multiple tabs always had the potential to compromise app stability as they increased the memory footprint of the app. With the introduction of the WKWebView browser component, Apple changed all that.”

WKWebView runs out of process, meaning that its memory is threaded separately from the app; when it exceeds its allocation, it will crash without crashing the app (which results in the app being notified and attempting to reload the page).

“This means that we’re now able to support multiple tabs in WKWebView. It took a lot of work by our team to make existing features tab-friendly, but I’m excited that we were able to make this happen for our users.”

A screenshot of multiple tab support on an iPad.

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