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Custom Tablet Kiosk Manufacturer

Kiosk Manufacturer: Kiosk Group

Kiosk Group can help you with your custom kiosk manufacturing project. From planning, designing, and engineering, to fabricating, assembling and deploying interactive touchscreen kiosks, we are your one-stop custom kiosk manufacturer.

Kiosk Group’s fully customized tablet-equipped kiosks fulfill any application. Most tablet kiosk projects are not “one-size-fits all.” From custom branding to a new physical form factor or accessory, customization can make all the difference in the success of a project.

We help at every step of the manufacturing process - from translating your initial vision into a working prototype right through to final delivery.


A custom kiosk starts with your idea. We’ll discuss your target audience, necessary functionality, life cycle, consumer-facing issues and other project needs to determine what type of kiosk is right for you.


After your needs are defined, our experienced design engineering team will work through multiple options to find the best approach. Throughout the design phase, we’ll send detailed drawings and specs, keeping you involved at every step.


Once you’ve approved the design, our fabrication dream team will quickly create prototype(s) to begin testing. We’ll make sure everything is correct and ensure that the final solution meets both your needs and our standards.

Finished Kiosk

Once the design and prototype phases are complete, we’ll move into production, ramping up capacity as needed to make sure your custom tablet kiosks ship on schedule (and on budget).

Kiosk Group is a privately-owned, Maryland-based company that many leading companies, organizations, and government agencies trust and rely upon for interactive kiosks.

We focus on creating long-term client relationships, so you can feel confident that if you have questions about our kiosks or experience a problem with your order, we’ll do everything we can to help.

Our Custom Kiosk Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Project Consulting & Engineering
    Our team can produce detailed CAD/CAM drawings and renderings to ensure our proposed solution matches your vision.
  • Plastic Fabrication & Finishing
    With 4 computer-aided CNC cutting machines in-house, including a state-of-the-art Onsrud for large scale work, we can cut a variety of sheet materials.
  • Metal Fabrication & Powdercoating
    Our facilities include a dedicated powder coat application booth and walk-in powder coat oven.
  • Graphic Design & Printing
    Durable, UV-cured, full color CMYK printing directly on non-porous surfaces, including metal and plastics.. Full color CMYK printing on vinyl, finished with satin laminate, and applied by our team.
  • Integration, Assembly & Shipping
  • Expertise in ADA Compliance
    We ensure that your kiosks meet current standards for ADA compliance, including the latest height and reach guidelines.

Industries in Which Kiosks are Used

Schools & Universities
Local, State & Federal Government
Hospitals & Doctors’ Offices
Manufacturing Facilities
Museums & Exhibits
Nonprofits & Churches
Restaurants & Hotels
Retail Stores
Trade Shows & Events

Types of Kiosks

Financial services kiosk
Photo kiosk
Internet kiosk
Ticketing kiosk
Movie ticket kiosk
Building directory and wayfinding kiosk
Hospital and medical clinic registration and check-in kiosks
Information kiosk
Video kiosk