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COVID-19 Caretaker Loko

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COVID-19 High Accuracy Thermal Screening Kiosk

Temperature screening has become increasingly common as organizations attempt to ensure the safety of their employees and visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite its widespread use, screening in a way that is safe and accurate has remained a challenge. While there are a number of low-cost thermal camera tablets on the market, these solutions have proven, at best, ineffective and, at worst, unsafe. Manual screening is expensive and requires trained personnel.

Unwilling to offer any solution that could not stand up to rigorous testing, we found and partnered with Loko AI, a California-based company specializing in artificial intelligence and temperature screening.

The result is Caretaker ATD®, a fully-automated, touchless kiosk with a professional-grade thermal camera designed for fast, accurate temperature screening.

A thermal screening kiosk enclosure.

Complete, integrated system for fast and accurate thermal screening, including:

  • Tamarisk® 640 Precision IR Thermal Sensor with 640x480 pixel density
  • Maxbotix® MB1414 Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor
  • Microsoft Surface Go 2 tablet with high-resolution touchscreen & 5MP front camera
  • Pleora® iPort CL-U3 High-Resolution Frame Grabber
  • Kiosk Group tablet enclosure and stand made from durable thermoplastic and powder coated steel
  • Nightingale® BTR3 Thermal Blackbody Reference Source with stand
  • premium vinyl floor markers
  • 3 year access to Loko Secure Cloud service and notifications
  • 3 year warranty service & support
  • all necessary power, cabling and cooling systems

$13,699 USD

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A diagram showing all parts of the kiosk.

Designed to Exceed FDA Guidelines for Thermal Screening

How it Works

1 Hands Free

Approach the kiosk and stand within 5 feet to automatically start the temperature scanning process. No physical interaction with the kiosk or touch is required.

2 Quick Response

Caretaker ATD’s AI identifies facial landmarks and checks for any obstructions, including glasses. Response time is under two seconds with less than 15 seconds required between individuals.

3 Alerts Staff

If a visitor or employee fails thermal screening, SMS & email alerts with a link to an image of the person failing screening are immediately sent to designated staff members.

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Learn how The Spine Pro uses Caretaker ATD for autonomous temperature screening

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Made in the USA

Major components, including the thermal sensor and the kiosk enclosure and stand, are made in the USA.

Kiosk Group and Loko are based in Maryland and California respectively and offer US-based customer support & service.

Please note that Caretaker ATD®’s thermal sensor is a “controlled item” under current US export laws and cannot be shipped or sold outside the US.

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