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CheckPoint Kiosk FAQ

FAQ - CheckPoint


CheckPoint Kiosk is a non-thermal camera, health screening kiosk that allows you to easily screen employees and visitors with a simple set of health questions. After screening, a date-stamped badge is printed for easy identification within your facility.

No. CheckPoint does not include thermal temperature screening and instead asks the user a series of questions to determine their risk level. Since thermal cameras have not been proven completely reliable and many infected people are asymptomatic, the CheckPoint kiosk depends on CDC-approved screening questions.

No, CheckPoint does not track or store any identifying information about the individual being screened.  US employment law tightly regulates how health data of employees is stored and managed. While emergency exceptions have been carved out during the current pandemic, these exceptions are not clearly defined and can expose a business to significant liability.

No. CheckPoint kiosks are designed for indoor use and are not weather-proof.

How CheckPoint Works

Anyone coming into your building is instructed to stop for screening by the large graphic panel mounted on the rear of the kiosk. We recommend placing a kiosk close to each entrance in a position where it cannot be missed.

After asking the user to agree to wear a mask and practice social distancing within the facility, CheckPoint asks each individual about fever, symptoms, and possible exposure.  

Individuals are deemed to be high-risk if they: 

• have had a fever over 100.4° F (38.0° C) or used any medicine to reduce a fever in the last 24 hours

• have had symptoms associated with COVID-19 in the last 14 days, including fever or feeling feverish (chills, sweating), new cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, muscle aches or body aches, vomiting, diarrhea, or new loss of taste or smell andsymptom onset was less than 10 days ago and symptoms are not improving

• have reason to believe that they been exposed to or acquired COVID-19 in the last 14 days

This is in line with current CDC guidelines and will be updated if that guidance changes.

Yes. We are monitoring the CDC’s website and will update questions automatically when their recommendations change.

Initial screening generally takes less than one minute. As employees become more familiar with the questions, this time decreases to 30 seconds or less.

After successful screening, a date-stamped badge is printed with the day of the week, date, and time in large text.  Everyone in your facility must wear a badge with the current day clearly showing at all times.

A label is printed with instructions on what the person should do next. The text shown and printed can be customized separately for visitors and employees and updated from within the app’s settings.


No. Questions are based on the current Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for health screening and discontinuance of isolation for individuals showing symptoms

Yes. The text shown and printed can be customized separately for visitors and employees and updated from within the app’s settings.

Pre-printed label stock can be used with CheckPoint if you want the badge to show your organization’s logo or imagery at the top of the badge. Please contact us to discuss how much of the label can be pre-printed and arrange for the alternate badge layout required.

Custom graphics for the rear panel are available for an additional charge. 

If you are opting-out of voice recognition, graphic panels without the voice activation indicator are available for an additional charge or can be substituted on request for the standard panel at the time of purchase for no additional charge.


You will most likely need a kiosk for every entrance into your facility. If you have a high volume of employees or visitors entering at a single time, you may want to consider additional kiosks to expedite screening and encourage social distancing. 

You may choose to limit alternate entrances while running screening and instruct people coming into your facility to use one or more primary entrances. If you need a way to direct individuals to these entrances, we offer custom printed signage as an optional add-on.

The CheckPoint kiosk includes:

• Roo printer kiosk - steel enclosure with durable silver powder coat paint finish; rear keyed-lock access for full-front printer label replenishment.

• 10.2-inch iPad (2020) with CheckPoint software installed & preconfigured

• Tablet enclosure with black textured ABS construction for easy cleaning & secure lock located beneath enclosure for easy removal if needed

• Thermal label printer - options include Brother QL-820NWB or Star Micronics TSP743II (requires extended lead time of 6-8 weeks)

• High-visibility signage with easy-to-understand instructions

• Sanitizer pump bottle for hand sanitizer gel or liquid

• Disposal bin for printed label backing

• Roll of label stock

• Power strip for standard power outlet

• Set-up guide with instructions & hardware kit

• Packaging with pallet & shipping within the continental US 

The 10.2-inch iPad with Retina display, 32 GB of storage, and WiFi is included as a separate one-year lease with options to renew leasing if continuing to use CheckPoint or buy out at the end of use for a $1 payment. While this is structured as a lease, you are under no obligation to return the tablet to Kiosk Group. 

The CheckPoint software is included as a separate annual subscription and requires the iPad to be leased from Kiosk Group for installation and use.  Additional incentives are available for two year subscriptions.

Additional coverage for the printer and tablet are available as optional add-ons.

The CheckPoint kiosk is 16.5 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 74 inches tall, which includes the graphic panel on the rear of the kiosk.

Brother QL-820NWB: Printed labels are 3.25 x 2.5 inches and the label stock comes as a continuous roll with approximately 350 labels per roll. Printer connects via WiFi and cannot be hard-wired. We recommend a dedicated, password-protected WiFi network to prevent visitors from printing to the Brother printer from private devices. As the Brother printer supports full-cut only, it requires the Roo Plus kiosk body design.  Labels are printed and ejected into a ticket catch on the front of the kiosk. 

Bixolon SRP-S300TXOBIK: Printer connects via Bluetooth. As the Bixolon printer supports partial-cut, it uses the standard Roo kiosk body. Labels come out the front slot in the kiosk body and can easily be taken by the visitor or employee without touching the enclosure.

Star Micronics TSP743II:  Currently has an extended lead time of 6-8 weeks from date of order. Printed labels are 3 x 2 inches and come 900 labels per roll. Printer connects via Bluetooth. As the Star printer supports partial cut, it uses our standard Roo printer kiosk body. Labels come out the front slot in the kiosk body and can easily be taken by the visitor or employee without touching the enclosure. 


Contact us at to start the process.  We’ll walk you through available options and then send a complete quote outlining all of the solution details, pricing and tax. You can accept and pay online, call our office at 301-732-4629 x.116 to provide your credit card over the phone, or pay via ACH (with bank information provided upon request).

CheckPoint kiosk starts at $3895 with quotes available on request. Please contact us at at

Discounts are available for single purchase orders over 50 units. Please contact for volume pricing incentives.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, financing is  available for CheckPoint. Rates start at $349 per month per unit for a one-year term based on credit score/approvals.   Please contact for more information.

The CheckPoint kiosk comes with software pre-installed and ready to go out of the box.

To provision and manage the iPad tablet, we use Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and mobile device management software. In addition, the CheckPoint app is distributed as a Custom B2B app through Apple Business Manager (ABM).  Apple’s terms for these programs clearly state that Kiosk Group must retain ownership of the iPad while it is enrolled in our DEP or has the CheckPoint app installed.

If you want to continue to use CheckPoint screening, you will need to renew the existing iPad lease and software subscription.

Otherwise, at the end of the lease period or when you choose to no longer use the CheckPoint screening, you can return the iPad or buy out the lease for a $1 payment. 

After the buyout, the iPad will be released from Kiosk Group’s Device Enrollment Program account, wiped remotely to remove the Checkpoint software and mobile device management profile, and ownership officially transferred.

For deployments of more than 100 kiosks, we can optionally set up a separate instance of the CheckPoint app that would be linked to your organization’s Apple Business Manager account. In this instance, you would be responsible for provisioning and managing the iPads on your own.

Shipping, Assembly & Maintenance

Label stock.  While we provide an initial roll of label stock, subsequent refills are the responsibility of the end customer.   Additional label stock can be ordered on request from Kiosk Group. 

WiFi internet connection. CheckPoint is a hosted solution, which means an internet connection is required for use.  If you do not have a reliable WiFi signal where the kiosk is to be placed, we can provide a kit to connect the iPad to wired Ethernet for an additional fee.

Liquid or gel hand sanitizer, if desired.  The kiosk ships with an empty pump bottle for hand sanitizer. Purchasing hand sanitizer to fill this bottle or replacing it with a new bottle is the responsibility of the customer. If you do not want to offer hand sanitizer, the sanitizer mounting kit can be removed from the kiosk at any point.

The kiosk arrives fully assembled with the graphic panel packaged separately on the same pallet. 

Protective packaging and freight shipping within the continental US are included with loading dock delivery.  If a lift gate or indoor delivery is required, there will be an additional fee.

Simple instructions for removing the kiosk from the pallet and attaching the graphic panel will be provided along with hardware.  We recommend having a power screwdriver with a standard Phillips head and an extra set of hands for this part of the process.

The kiosk arrives fully assembled with the graphic panel packaged separately on the same pallet.  The iPad and printer come preconfigured with software and are already installed in the kiosk. 

For on-site setup, your team will need to: 

• remove the kiosk from the pallet 

• attach the graphic signage panel to the kiosk

• fill the provided sanitizer pump bottle or add your own bottle of sanitizer gel

• connect the kiosk’s external power cable to AC power

• swipe up to unlock the iPad’s screen and connect the iPad to WiFi

• for the Star Micronics printer version, confirm that the printer’s Bluetooth connection to the tablet is working

• for the Brother printer version, connect the printer to the same WiFi network as the iPad

• launch the CheckPoint app and confirm that the tablet has automatically locked to the app

The number of labels per roll depends on the printer option you’ve selected. How frequently label stock will need to be replaced will depend on the number of labels per roll and traffic levels at your kiosk. 

The CheckPoint kiosk opens through a keyed lock at the rear of the enclosure. The front hinges out to provide access to the printer. The top of the kiosk front should be supported with a hand while opening. Nothing has to be removed and changing out label stock should only take a couple of minutes.

Yes, additional label stock can be purchased through Kiosk Group on request.

Support, Warranty & Returns

We provide complete documentation for setting up your CheckPoint kiosk and email support is available weekdays from 9am to 5pm.

For questions about the CheckPoint software, please contact For questions about the kiosk enclosure and hardware components, please contact

For repairs or warranty coverage for the tablet or the thermal label printer, Kiosk Group will provide email contacts through our support portal once a ticket is opened. Please email for instructions.

CheckPoint is covered by Kiosk Group’s standard 30 day return policy, which includes a 15% restocking fee.  Full details of this policy can be found here

If you experience a problem with your kiosk, the kiosk and peripherals are also covered under the warranty described below.

Kiosk Group’s standard warranty coverage applies to any CheckPoint kiosk purchase.  Full details of this policy can be found here.  

Additional support and warranty coverage is available for the iPad and Star Micronics printer as optional add-ons.

All software is provided as-is.

The customer assumes responsibility for the iPad for the full lease term. If the iPad is damaged, lost, or stolen during this period, you must notify Kiosk Group immediately and will be responsible for paying for a replacement if you want to continue to use CheckPoint.

Additional AppleCare+ coverage is available as an optional add-on at the time of purchase and covers up to two incidents of accidental damage with a deductible. See below for details.

Optional AppleCare+ coverage is available to extend your iPad warranty coverage to 24 months and includes up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage. Each incident is subject to a service fee of $49, plus applicable tax.  AppleCare+ also adds 24/7 priority access to Apple experts by chat or phone. This coverage can only be added at time of purchase and is linked to the serial number associated with the iPad. This coverage is transferred along with ownership at the end of the lease. 

If you select the Star Micronics printer option, Swap-a-Star printer replacement is available.  This service registers your printer with Star Micronics for priority service for 24 months from date of purchase. If a new printer is required after troubleshooting any printer issues, Star Micronics technical support will drop-ship a replacement printer to your location the next business day. This coverage can only be added at time of purchase and is linked to the serial number associated with the printer.

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