Design Studio FAQ

Design Studio FAQ

Getting Started

To get started with Design Studio, select a template you'd like to work with from our Templates page and click 'Start with Template'. This will lead you to a dashboard where you can sign up and then will open the template in the design studio.

We generally recommend starting with one of our pre-made templates to get a feel for how a site is put together using Design Studio. You can then always create new blank pages if you want to start from scratch with a new design. If you are feeling adventurous, we've got a blank template available at the bottom of the page.

In the Design Studio, you'll see a 'Publish' button in the top right corner of the page. Clicking this will make any changes you've made to your site live and open it in another tab.

You can then take the URL of the published site and enter it in Kiosk Pro settings as the app's Homepage.

Once you've set up a trial, you can access the Design Studio by signing in here.

Absolutely! You can preview any of the templates here on our site — once you’ve decided which one might work for your project, you can set up a trial run by clicking the ‘Start with Template’ button next to a template.

If you change your mind and would prefer to try a different template, just let us know so we can delete your previous template.

The free trial provides complete access to the design interface and publishing so you can fully experience Design Studio. Premium widgets, plug-ins, and ecommerce functionality are not supported. (shown in the Elements panel as 'Widgets', 'Plugins', and 'Store' respectively)

We’ll contact you near the end of your trial to see if you’d like to convert your trial template into a full site.

If you are ready to move forward with purchasing a subscription, you can pay here through our site. If you use a different email for checkout, just leave us a note so we can link the payment to your Design Studio account.


No. Content that is published through the My Kiosk Pro design studio is hosted automatically and requires an internet connection to view.

If you need help creating kiosk content that is offline-compatible, please look at our custom design packages or contact us for a quote for custom HTML development.

Design Studio is accessed through a web interface in any modern desktop browser. No software installation is required.

Yes, your website can be displayed on as many kiosks as you’d like.

Within a single site, you can define different content for specific kiosks, allowing you to customize as needed. Rather than using the main homepage of your website as the homepage in Kiosk Pro for all of your devices, you can make multiple sub-homepages within the site.

For example, kiosk 1 can display homepage1.html, which links to about1.html. Kiosk 2 can display homepage2.html, which links to about2.html. Since Kiosk Pro hides the address bar by default, this versioning wouldn't be visible to visitors.

Yes, each site is limited to 300 pages.

Sure! If you need a website that’s customized for your project and ready to go, our design team can help — just contact us for a quote.

Basic Editing

Clicking ‘Pages’ in the navigation bar will display a list of current pages for your site.

You can open a page in the editor by clicking the page name. If you hover over the page name, you’ll see additional settings icons allowing you to edit the page title or URL, duplicate the page, or delete it.

To add a new page, click ‘New Page’ or duplicate an existing page.

If you need to add a snippet of HTML code as an element on the page, you can do this by creating a Widget. In the Elements panel, open the HTML drop-down and click "HTML Widget" to create one. In the Properties panel, enter your code in the "Insert Code" field.

You can add larger amounts of HTML, CSS or JavaScript to a page in the ‘Add Code’ panel. To do this, click ‘Pages’ in the navigation bar and click the code brackets icon next to the page you want to add it to, then add the code to your page in the relevant section.

If you need the code to apply to every page in your site, navigate to the ‘Add Code’ panel and click the ‘Add Code to All Pages’ tab at the top.

To change out images in a gallery or slideshow, select it by clicking it. In the Properties panel on the right, click the 'Manage' button to delete, upload, and arrange photos for the slideshow.

Contact Forms

Form data can be accessed from the Design Studio dashboard. Next to your template, click the envelope icon to bring up a window with individual form submissions. Choose a message in the left sidebar to display the information on the right.

Yes, you can manage the form in the Properties window. You can change field type, whether validation is needed, and whether the field is required.

Yes, you can enter the email address for receiving notifications in the Properties panel while the form is selected.


If you are ready to move forward with your annual subscription, please contact us.

Your subscription includes a single website/template which you can use to create seperate sites for multiple kiosks (see "Can I make a website for each kiosk" above).

Otherwise, if you'd like to set up multiple websites, the $249/year fee would apply to each one.

Sure! If you'd prefer to use your own domain, there is an additional $100/year charge, which does not include domain registration – just get in touch and we’ll walk you through the process.

Premium widgets, plugins and eCommerce functionality are not available as part of a Design Studio subscription. These elements can be identified within the design editor in the Elements panel as 'Widgets', 'Plugins', and 'Store' respectively.

Design Studio subscriptions are non-refundable. We offer a free trial of the interface so you can ensure that it is a good fit for your project prior to purchase.

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