About Us

Who We Are

Kiosk Group is a privately-owned, Maryland-based company that many leading companies, organizations, and government agencies trust and rely upon for interactive kiosks.

With over 30 years in designing interactive kiosks, we know what works. We’ve developed both hardware and software for hundreds of interpretive exhibits, transactional kiosks, sales exhibits, and training programs.

Our commitment to excellence, both in kiosk construction and customer service, means that you can expect a smooth deployment with help whenever you need it.

Located in Frederick, Maryland

Our main location houses our production facility, innovation lab, corporate offices, and warehouse. Located in Frederick, Maryland, our offices are adjacent to the Carroll Creek Promenade, providing direct access to downtown.

Our machine shop and production facility includes state-of-the-art plastic and metal fabrication areas with multiple CNC machines, plus manual cutting, welding and powdercoating stations. It also houses graphic production areas with the latest in large-format UV-cured ink and vinyl printers.

Our innovation lab provides space for our product design and engineering team to experiment, creating and testing prototypes for new products and custom kiosks.

The corporate office is the base for our sales, software development, and management teams.

The final touches are put together in the warehouse where our technicians assemble and package our kiosk enclosures for shipping to your location.

Made in the USA

All of our kiosks are manufactured and assembled here in the United States, allowing us to work closely with our fabrication team and suppliers to assure that our kiosks meet the highest standards for quality.

Our standard head enclosures are made out of Kydex, an extremely durable thermoplastic produced in Pennsylvania, which is then sent to us for precision-milling and component assembly. The metal bases of our kiosks are made from 100% US steel and fabricated at facilities in Pennsylvania and Maryland by highly-trained metalwork craftsmen.

While our kiosks are made in the USA, we're happy to ship anywhere in the world!